9am till 3pm 
Weather Permitting

Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens
230 Ashmore Road, Benowa QLD 4217

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Marble Surface

Picnic In The Gardens
Pre Order ( 24 hours Notice)

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Savoury Platter

The Course Of True Love

For two persons

Garden's Herb and Tumuric 

Savoury Cake

Spinach and Two Cheese Croissants

 Quinced Apple Tarts

Lemon Coconut Moments

Desert Board.jpg
Dessert Platter

Living The Dream

For two persons

Lemon Coconut Moments

Walnut Brownie

Caramel Slice

Double Cream

Cheese Platter

'The Lovers' Cheese Board

For two Persons

Victoria Tablelands Brie

Northern NSW Cheddar Reserve

S.A Emmentatalle

Australian Gorgonzola Blue

Assorted Dried Fruit and Nuts

Olive Antipasto

Varied Wafers and Crackers

We have Two Flavours of Coffee dedicated to the forces of nature.

A Bold and dark or mild and delicate Organic Coffee

We also have a selection of loose leaf  Tea made by Tea Masters as well as a selection of other popular teas,

hand blended Cacao Hot Chocolate and Chai Powder, Real Fruit Smoothies, Organic Milk Shakes

A selection of Gluten Free Cookies and Cakes are also available to accompany your coffee.

Coffee At The Gardens

At Coffee At The Gardens we believe in Quality .

The quality of our staff , our produce and our amazing location.

A serene and beautiful location to relax and enjoy an Organic Coffee.

A carefully selected “brew with a view” made by experienced hospitality staff and second generation Award Winning Roasters.

Please click the following link to find out more about our location www.friendsgcrbg.org.au/

Black Swans
Trained Baristas

Our Background, 
Community and 

We base our knowledge from Apprentice to Management in International Five Star Hotels and training in hotel schools.

Service to the customer is paramount in the delivery with an element of systemisation and finesse.

From the very young to the elderly. From the fit to the philosophers. They all come to The Gold Coast Botanic Gardens and enjoy Coffee at The Gardens for individual yet collective needs.

Coffee At The Gardens have a sympathetic relationship with nature and the fruits of the forest

Barambah Organics

Coffee At The Gardens use Barambah Organics

Full Cream Milk, Skim Milk and Lactose Free Milk.


Barambah Organics are 100% Australian-owned company committed to producing high-quality, organic-certified dairy products that are good for your health. Barambah milk is sourced from their own farms in the Border Rivers Region of Southern Queensland.

2018 Sydney Royal Dairy and Cheese Show

Gold Medal - Full Cream Milk

Gold Medal - Lactose Free Milk

Silver Medal - Skim Milk