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Superior quality for every milk based drink at Coffee At The Gardens

There are numerous benefits to consuming dairy, as dairy contains a long list of essential nutrients and vitamins for aa-round good health. Dairy is also the ideal recovery food after exercise, as it aids your body post performance. Barambah Organics Dairy has a high level of nutrients, due to the type of feed taht our dairy cows havwe access too. Not all dairy cows in Australia have the benefit of consuming lush mixed grasses, without any traces of chemicals, like in our paddocks.

Barambah Organics have externally tested their milk against two convetional brands of full cream milk and were not surprised to see that Barambah Organics milk had twice the levels of the highly beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids and only half the more damaging Omega-6 which is a truly beneficial ratio. Omega-3 is highly important for your brain and body so grab a bottle of Barambah Organics milk today

Barambah Post - Feb 2020 Newsletter

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