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Cool Bean Coffee

The Cool Bean Co

"Everyone deserves Artisan Coffee"

Customers demand quality of life and quality of coffee.

At The Cool Bean Co the general response of hundreds of customers per week is the refreshing smaller batch and passion of the boutique coffee roaster.

The latest in the evolution of coffee is passion and pride.

The Cool Bean Co delivers innovation and stability in this ever changing culture to create growth.

Support and honesty is our policy.

The Cool Bean Co is dedicated to excellence.

"Let the experts specialise in their field and let us come together to deliver quality"

The Cool Bean Co research beans, they look at each bean like it was fresh produce. When we visit our roaster it's like we are at the Farmers Market - we look at consistency, imperfections and shapes; if the bean has deformities it is important to know how it happened and where in the supply chain it ocured.

We scrutinise all elements from supply of the green beans to the delivery of our beautifully Freshly Roasted Espresso Beans and always ensure that the end experience will be favourable for our customers satisfaction.

The Cool Bean Co

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